Ivenet貝貝 梨子桔梗絲瓜汁

Ivenet貝貝 梨子桔梗絲瓜汁



重量(Weight) : 100毫升(ml) 適合12個月大或以上寶寶 Suitable for 12months+ babies 產地(Origin) : 韓國 Korea 特別適合天氣乾燥/時冷時熱轉天氣季節/流感高峰期時候!! -梨子有生津、潤肺清燥、止咳作用 -桔梗有祛痰及舒緩早期傷風感冒引致的喉嚨不適、咳嗽痰多等作用 -絲瓜熱量低、營養豐富,清熱消腫 、化解炎症,含豐富膳食纖維促進胃腸蠕動,抗氧化成份不但幫助新陳代謝,也可增強免疫力 -紅棗溫補、安神,令氣血運行暢順 Good for bronchial tubes. Extract juice from Korean pear make it tasty ! Use Pear, Balloon flower, especially Smooth cucumber to prevent fine dust Spout pouch, Easy to carry out Through UHT, preserve taste and flavor, minimize the destruction of nutrient. Totally different way with mixed-boiling way which mix just fruit and water. Apply Extraction to preserve pear’s nutrient and maintain Pear’s sugar content

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